#writephoto regulars ~ Meet Ken Gierke

Sue Vincent has kindly allowed me to ramble on as a guest blogger at Daily Echo. Thank you, Sue!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. Today we meet Ken Gierke from rivrvlogr.

Without those of you who write and read the pieces inspired by the weekly photos, the writephoto prompt would not exist. So, if you follow or take part in the weekly challenge, why come over and introduce yourself too?

Being a regular does not mean taking part every week… so why not drop me a line?

Read the responses to Sue’s photo prompts carefully, and you may see a few written by me. For some people, a photograph immediately triggers a story in their mind. Poetry, on the other hand, requires a connection between the photo and the writer’s frame of mind. Yes, I write poetry.

I’ll give you a little background, before I get into where my head is at these days. For the majority…

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5 thoughts on “#writephoto regulars ~ Meet Ken Gierke

  1. Enjoyed reading this, Ken. Touched by your on-and-off writing periods. Poetry (for me, at least) has the advantage of being a quicker delivery of what I’m feeling than stories. And likewise I prefer to read poetry for its relative brevity – I can take it all in at once, a rush. Your haiku accelerate the rush.
    I followed the link to you reading a poem from a book for John Lennon – a beautiful tribute, a beautiful reading.

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  2. Ken,
    Very nice read. I might have to check out Sue’s photo’s. I think I do know her from years ago. But I’ve jumped around a few prompts and settled into a routine. Somewhere I have a whole month of adventures with kearu (a frog) for Carpe Diem. When I also had a Blogspot account.

    Thanks for stopping by some of my verses. Cheers, Jules


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