Meager Solace ~ haibun

Meager Solace.png

Meager Solace

A gunman enters a synagogue with one intent: to satisfy his hatred by killing as many Jews as possible, their guilt firmly set in his mind. I recognize this as a symbol of a national climate of increasing rancor and hate, fueled by xenophobic rhetoric spewed online, in print, over the airwaves, and, yes, within the tweets of The President of the United States. A story that consumes the news can dull the senses. Seeing Kerfe’s art (found here) which seems to emanate both light and tears, accompanied by the names of the lives taken that day, brings all of this into sharp focus.

This tragedy is not the first of its kind. It will not be the last, and this saddens me. I listen to Yo-Yo Ma / The 6 Unaccompanied Cello Suites.

discovering hope
solace woven through music
heartstrings resonate

Image source: / by PIRO4D (edited here)

15 thoughts on “Meager Solace ~ haibun

  1. Thank you for your voice of wisdom, Ken. That t. is allowed to continue in office, in spite of his hateful rhetoric and lies is beyond me. He incites violence and no one stops him. He is indirectly getting away with murder. This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my 71 years. A bad dream. May we effect change – ASAP.

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