paths of planets go unchanged ~ soliloquy no renga

I dedicate this solo renga to Kristjaan Panneman (Chèvrefeuille), our host at Carpe Diem, who is currently facing an uncertain future due to his employer going out of business.
The challenge he offers us with Carpe Diem #1530 Universe … Soliloquy No Renga is to write a solo renga (a chain of verses, with each haiku followed by a two-line stanza), starting with a haiku that he has written (in blue). I’ve attempted to keep a “closed chain,” last stanza leading back to the first.
connect in a way to make “the circlecomplete.

paths of planets go unchanged_1circle of life
seasons come and go … always
the Cosmos leads us
© Chèvrefeuille

paths of planets go unchanged
a man’s life subject to chance

one door will open
as another door closes
facing decisions

many considerations
importance of family

paths of planets go unchanged_2

swan on empty pond
mate never far from its side
loving companion

prepared for coming changes
clouds approach on horizon

 waves pushed onto shore
turtle seeks shelter from storm
reeds sway back and forth

paths of planets unchanged_3

bending in fury of wind
standing tall when storm passes

calm as waves subside
patient moon makes appearance
parting clouds bring hope

night no longer seems so dark
light reflecting on water

stars filling night sky
their light untouched, like beacons
providing guidance

swan rises with morning sun
finding direction, takes flight

Museum of Fine Arts Boston – Swan and Reeds, by Ohara Koson
Library of Congress – Turtles, by Utagawa Hiroshige – Flying Geese, by Ohara Koson

18 thoughts on “paths of planets go unchanged ~ soliloquy no renga

  1. I have known Chèvrefeuille for a very long time and wish him and is family all the best of what ever the future holds. I think with his specialty field that he should be able to find employment sooner than later. I know that nurses in any field are always in demand in the states.

    My hubby worked for a company for almost 30 years before it got bought up and torn apart. Hard to start over when you are older. My hubby had some interim jobs, but he’s thankfully been at his last job for a while and we hope that it will take him into retirement…

    Your verses are a soothing balm of hope. With lovely illustrations.

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  2. Wow Ken … I am honored that you have dedicated this solo-renga to me. It touches me deep and the warmth and love I can feel from all the CDHK family members is like a warm quilt. Thank you it makes me stronger and more confident that there will be light after this dark days.


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