Terre Haute ~ haibun

Terre Haute.jpg

Terre Haute

Three Hundred miles. There was the time I made it this far, limping the last seventy-five miles as the car stalled out three times, before spending the night in a hotel and parking outside the service bay of a Chevy dealer before the sun came up.

Damaged throttle body. I remember when they called them carburetors and you could fix them yourself. Not this one. A cracked oil filler cap let the moisture of a cold February night condense its way through the system to the point where not only the did the engine have to be flushed to get the water out of the oil, but the electronics of the throttle body were fried. I got out of there by noon, with no way to be in time for a two o’clock memorial service another six hundred miles away, so I headed back home.

I’ve made this trip a good dozen times, or more, with few as eventful as that one. I enjoy the nine hundred miles drive to visit with family, especially when I make it past this point with no problems.

passing the hotel
on an uneventful trip
Terre Haute mile marker

The prompt from Sarah (sarahsouthwest) for Journeys – Tuesday Poetics at dVerse is to write about the thoughts or feelings of a particular journey.

Image source: aaroads.com


30 thoughts on “Terre Haute ~ haibun

    • This was a disaster from the get-go. It broke down after 30 miles. I had it towed to a dealer near my house and fixed. Back on the road by mid-afternoon, I knew I’d be arriving in the middle of the night. I made 300 miles. The next dealer replaced the new throttle body, said that obviously the same thing had happened the first time because my oil cap was cracked (probably happened during my oil change two days earlier) – something my home dealer missed. He submitted it as a failed throttle body under the replacement warranty, saving me more than $300 for a second one.
      I just wasn’t meant to make that trip.

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    • Thank you, Sarah.
      Sometimes I’ll drive for miles on one of those trips without radio or music, just because the time is great for processing, but familiar sights remind me I’m that much closer to seeing family.

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  1. events that seemed determined to prevent you going forward on that journey, sometimes i wonder if our subconscious has power over the present. i have had such an experience where anything that could go wrong did and admit i gave up easily, somethings aren’t meant to be.

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  2. Old cars. You could fix a broken fan belt with a pair of your wife’s stockings so the water pump would still work and that would keep it going ’til you got to the next town. I remember cars like that. Great post Ken.

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  3. I can relate to how major mechanical failure in a car can leave a kind of stain on a particular route – particularly of a journey we make often. You wrote it very well. I particularly like the haiku at the end.

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