opening to greet the day ~ renga

Carpe Diem #1523 H.F. Noyes’ … rusty toy truck (Renga with…) asks us to create a renga (or chain of verses) by following each provided haiku by H.F. Noyes (here in blue italics)
with two lines. A “closed chain” is attained when the hokku (starting verse)
and ageku (closing verse) 
connect in a way to make “the circlecomplete.

opening to greet the day_1rusty toy truck
stuck on the mudbank
a cargo of blossoms

opening to greet the day
a bounty of newfound dreams

as if nothing happened
the crow there
the willow here

hanging low into a stream
branches kissed by sparkling waves

opening to greet the day_2

bright fall day
the brook wanders off
its shimmer lingers

reflecting the setting sun
the last of its warmth captured

evening walk
the creak of my boots
invades the stars

my heartbeat even louder
your hand held closely in mine

full moon rising
nowhere on the empty beach
to hide our love

opening to greet the day_3bathing in its reflection
shining on each rolling wave

raking aside leaves
on the backyard pond
I release the moon

reflected still on each wave
softly caressing the shore

Library of Congress – Crow on a Willow Branch, artist unknown – Spring Moon at Ninomiya Beach, by Kawase Hasui (MabelAmber) – leaves on pond (edited here)

14 thoughts on “opening to greet the day ~ renga

    • Thanks, Jules. I know the words should be able to stand on their own, but I try to compliment them when I can. In the beginning I tried to stay with my own photos, but there’s only so much of that. Besides, there is some great art out there, going back centuries.

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