Similar Sights, Different Light ~ haibun

Similar Sights, Different Light

Sunshine! But no monarch butterflies. From 80º last week to 46º yesterday, which is 23º lower than our average high for this time of year.

monarchs departed
leaves reluctant to follow
crescent moon waiting

Runge Nature Center
(clicking any photo will open a larger image in a new tab)

Similar Sights Different Light_1Similar Sights Different Light_2Similar Sights Different Light_3Similar Sights Different Light_4Similar Sights Different Light_5Similar Sights Different Light_6Similar Sights Different Light_7Similar Sights Different Light_8Similar Sights Different Light_9

Canine Profile

Similar Sights Different Light_10Similar Sights Different Light_11

Ken G

14 thoughts on “Similar Sights, Different Light ~ haibun

  1. Especially the 2nd image of water over rocks, leaves floating – but ALL of these images make me want to get out and wander in autumn. Nothing but rain where I am for several more days … great to have a vicarious walk through your images. Also, monarchs and crescent moon in same haiku is cool.

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