American dream ~ senryū

American Dream_1

American dream
bipartisan politics
our oxymoron

American Dream_2

silence is golden
speaking up – not the RIGHT way
the joke is on her

shame of a nation
leadership without respect
the joke is on US

Senryū are often cynical or darkly humorous, and do not generally include
a kigo, or season word. With that in mind, this senryū trio is my response to
Carpe Diem #1516 Robin D. Gill, a haiku poet pur sang (Out of the Box)

American dream_3.png

Images (top) (middle)
Wikimedia Commons
– Paul Stahr’s Columbia (edited here)

40 thoughts on “American dream ~ senryū

  1. This is a clear mirror of what the dreamed democracy has become. A joke. On “us” – all of us in the US, including the leaders w/o respect. A worldwide concern far broader than mere disgust.
    Your words tell it like it is. This post is a keeper.

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    • Thank you, Jazz. The issue has been there for a long time. These hearings were the perfect chance to bring it into a spotlight that recognized the injustices suffered by the victims. Instead, they became an argument for sympathy for the accused – at a venue that lends the stamp of government approval.

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  2. Ken, this is powerfully written on a subject that reveberates across
    the world. You are brave too to take a stand.

    Only last night I listened to a few 17 year olds – bright boys and girls – expressing their disbelief. One said, wait 10 years when we in U.S and Europe take over. We all had enough. We believed in leaders but no more.

    I was shocked by the sheer determination. Bless them all.


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    • Thank you, Miriam.
      I am stumped, as to what it takes to make a change, when a public stage such as the U.S. Senate Confirmation Hearings turns the accuser into the accused. I certainly hope our youth holds the answer.

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  3. It’s been quite infuriating indeed! It makes our nation look like a circus and the government is the puppet master. It truly brakes my heart, I feel like our country is moving backward and all the progress we’ve made in movements for equal rights, women’s rights.

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