Mid-MO Old Car Show

Mid-MO Old Car Show

I can’t go to a car show without taking pictures. They could be the same cars from a previous show, but I’ll try for a better photo. Maybe there’s better light, or I have a new idea for “lines.” I look for lines, curves, configurations. We attend an annual car show that’s held in conjunction with an outdoor Oktoberfest, and I have to take photos.
A lot of photos.
My wife has the patience of a saint.

(clicking any photo will open a larger image in a new tab)

1937 Nash Ambassador Truck

Mid-MO Old Car Show_1

Mid-MO Old Car Show_2

1966 Ford Mustang

Mid-MO Old Car Show_3

1964 Volkswagen Beetle

Mid-MO Old Car Show_4

1928 Ford Phaeton

Mid-MO Old Car Show_5

1922 Ford Model T Truck

Mid-MO Old Car Show_6

1931 Ford Coupe

Mid-MO Old Car Show_7

1939 Ford Coupe

Mid-MO Old Car Show_8

1928 Studebaker 4-Door

Mid-MO Old Car Show_9Mid-MO Old Car Show_10

Chevrolet Bel Air

Mid-MO Old Car Show_11

1936 Buick 41 Series

Mid-MO Old Car Show_12Mid-MO Old Car Show_13

1960 Ford Thunderbird

Mid-MO Old Car Show_14

1956 Plymouth

Mid-MO Old Car Show_15

1958 Chevrolet Pickup

Mid-MO Old Car Show_16

1936 Ford Coupe

Mid-MO Old Car Show_17

1948 Ford F1 Pickup

Mid-MO Old Car Show_18Mid-MO Old Car Show_19

1955 Ford Crown Victoria

Mid-MO Old Car Show_20

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Mid-MO Old Car Show_21Mid-MO Old Car Show_22

1957 Ford Thunderbird

Mid-MO Old Car Show_23Mid-MO Old Car Show_24Mid-MO Old Car Show_25

Ken G.

19 thoughts on “Mid-MO Old Car Show

  1. My daughter loves it when we see one of the wonderful cars of my youth on the street…there’s no imagination to car design today. I understand why, but she and I both felt that they could take the constrictions and do something more interesting if they were so inclined. (and then she started telling me about some Russian car…I don’t know where she finds time to discover all these things)
    Great photos too! (K)

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  2. Your wife is patient because she enjoys seeing the world through your eyes, and your photos always seem to reveal details she would never have seen on her own. And there are usually some interesting cars there, too. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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