comfort found in company ~ tan renga

comfort found in companylend me your arms,
fast as thunderbolts,
for a pillow on my journey.
                    © Hendrik Doeff

comfort found in company
will make a journey shorter

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge September 2018
Chained Together III (21) lend me your arms
(Add to the provided hokku by Hendrik Doeff
to create a tanka)

Image source: Chazen Museum of Art
Two Lovers Preparing for a Journey, by Kitagawa Hidemaro


18 thoughts on “comfort found in company ~ tan renga

    • Thank you. I tend to swing in both directions on this. There are so many things I’ve enjoyed doing during my life that were solitary (for me) in their nature – running, kayaking, biking, scuba (even with a dive buddy, it’s such an internal experience) – but loneliness can be such a draining experience and companionship a priority, more often than not.


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