Waiting, Watching

Waiting, Watching

Bodies mill
Attitudes outwardly positive

Waiting, WatchingSome here for screenings
Others, follow-ups
Some healthy
Others, not

My past cell excisions
a minor inconvenience,
by comparison
It’s just an annual check

Perspective delivered
by milling bodies

Watching while waiting – and thankful my situation is better than many.   All clear for another year.    My  skin check at the cancer center was today – an annual ritual since I retired to find out I needed squamous cells removed from my shoulder/upper chest a couple of times.  Never melanoma, thankfully, but I’ve also had pre-cancerous lesions frozen with liquid nitrogen more times than I’d like to remember (like being stabbed in the face with needles) – almost always on the left side (driving a truck – left side sun exposure – will do that to you).


20 thoughts on “Waiting, Watching

  1. Great capture of an experience too many of us repeat too often … next time I’ll look around to see if anyone is writing a poem I might be part of. I once wrote a poem about a couple in the waiting room – not as universal as yours here. Among those milling bodies, waiting, watching! Another plateau that surely beats dying younger.

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    • Thank you. There’s always apprehension, and I think this poem was as much about my own thoughts as it was about those I was watching.

      The past few years have been fairly routine – just a couple of “freeze” events, but I had a spell two years ago, during which I was prescribed a cream for my face to treat sporadic mild dry spots that were potentially pre-cancerous – from sun damage. The cream brought out more than I was even aware of, and to a drastic extreme, all over my face. After two weeks, it cleared, and those sporadic dry spots don’t appear any more. This blog has photo evidence of that bizarre treatment: https://rivrvlogr.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/selfie-ness/


  2. Good news.
    I’ve seen way too much of this the past few months. So many stories. So much to process. I do think of many of the lives that we’ve intersected with too. What happened? Always hoping for good endings. (K)


  3. It is always a scare to think we are not 100% perfect. But thankfully we do have fairly good treatment.
    I had a ‘cancer’ scare a few years ago. But it was not external. All turned out well for me.
    As I am glad for you, your results are also a good positive.

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