As If We Could Change

As If We Could Change

But then we certainly try, don’t we?
Could it be we feed on acceptance?
Do we spend our time seeking approval,
each precious second spent in denial of a
fate that certainly awaits us, while
gainsaying the change we desire?

In Meet the Bar at dVerse, — School Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days — Lillian prompts us to write an Alphabet Sestet, a poem of six lines using consecutive letters of the alphabet to start each line.

43 thoughts on “As If We Could Change

  1. Ah…what a conundrum! If we feed on acceptance, and we are accpted as we are, what then motivates change? Perhaps in understanding that everything can be bettered? I’m reminded of the phrase, “Practice makes progress.” Rather than what many say, “Practice makes perfect.”
    Glad you posted to the prompt! A good alphabetical sestet!

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  2. Seems to me we are all constantly changing, just not necessarily according to our ego’s wishes. We all age, we all learn and adapt to that learning, we all pick up new mannerisms and speech from whoever we associate with … and (acknowledged or not) we all shift spiritually in response to all the other changes. Nothing is fixed, all is in motion and all is affected by all else. Keeps life interesting! But, as you’ve said, we tend to deny our changing, and where it will eventually lead.

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  3. I think learning to say ‘No’ was easier for me than it has been for those who hear that word from me.
    Repeating that I am not interested can get tiring, but not getting sucked into what I don’t want to do is the reward.

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