ash of falling leaves

ash of falling leaves.pngash of falling leaves
from steel to bits of nothing
flesh to memories
tragic day, innocents lost
cherished, never forgotten

The prompt from Tuesday Poetics  – “On a Loop” – at dVerse asks us to take a phrase from a poem/post from a September 11th in our past and use it to create a new one. I don’t know that I can do justice to Falling Leaves,
my poem from September 11, 2015,
but this tanka (call it free-form, if you’d like)
is my attempt to distill the essence of it.


23 thoughts on “ash of falling leaves

  1. “…to distill the essence of it.” I think you did exactly that and the tanka form was a good choice to use. (We both used that form, as a matter of fact.) And the “steel to bits of nothing” really calls us to consider our own temporal existence, how quickly our form can change.

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