lazy day in leafy shade ~ tan renga

lazy day in leafy shadea soothing breeze
cicadas sing their song
sound of water
             © Chèvrefeuille

 lazy day in leafy shade
dipping fingers into stream

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge September 2018
Chained Together III (3) a soothing breeze
(Add to the provided hokku by Chèvrefeuille – Kristjann Panneman –
to create a tanka)

Image source: Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Cicada on a Tree Trunk by Utagawa Hiroshige

18 thoughts on “lazy day in leafy shade ~ tan renga

        • I guess I was distracted when I read your original comment. I must have been looking at “faint paw prints…” at the time, since I made that image a png to get the effect I wanted.
          I’ve been trying to use Asian art with my Japaneses poetry. One site I use is the Japanese Woodblock Print Search at That links to the original source, so I use that, and frequently it takes me to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Once I become familiar with an artist, I’ll just go straight to the museum site to search. If the museum believes artwork is now in the public domain, they actually have a download button.

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        • That’s interesting (and helpful). Oh, I can get lost looking at art on the internet.
          The Boston Museum has a wonderful and varied collection. My younger daughter was in Boston for 5 years for school and work so I was able to visit it many times.

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