changing weather most welcome ~ renga

The challenge for Carpe Diem Renga Challenge #6 bush clover and the moon is to create a renga (or chain of verses) by following each provided haiku by Bashō
(here in blue italics – tr. Robert Hass) with two lines, placing the haiku in any order.
A “closed chain” is attained when the hokku (starting verse) and ageku (closing verse)
connect in a way to make “the circlecomplete.

when the winter chrysanthemums go,
there’s nothing to write about
but radishes

changing weather most welcome
rain and wind bringing new life

the dragonfly
can’t quite land
on that blade of grass

flies back and forth in the breeze
frog waits in reeds beside pond

with every gust of wind,
the butterfly changes its place
on the willow

changing weather most welcome

leaves come to life and follow
branches swaying in rhythm

attached to nothing,
the skylark singing

flying high above the wind
free to view for great distance

cedar umbrellas, off
to Mount Yoshimo for
the cherry blossoms

visitors feet along path
raising white cloud of petals

staying at an inn
where prostitutes are also sleeping —
bush clover and the moon

sparrow calling at window
happy to find seeds left there

Image source: Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Sparrows and Bush Clover, by Utagawa Hiroshige

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