Haiku Exchange

I enjoy seeing a notification of a poem left as a comment on one of my poems, something that Ben Naga will do, from time to time. Here is an exchange between the two of us, starting with the original haiku I posted last month.

pale shadows at night
under rising harvest moon
visit memories
                              Ken G


Haiku Exchange

Through deepest midnight
Hid light persists in shadows
Embroidering darkness
                              Ben Naga

faintest flame of hope
kindled despite darkest night
as minds awaken
                              Ken G

Haiku ExchangeA light extinguished
Need only be rekindled
To shine forth once more
                              Ben Naga

keeper of the flame
holding hope for the future
wears heavy mantle
                              Ken G


You can enjoy more of the poetry of Ben Naga at this link: https://bennaga.wordpress.com/

Graphic image found here.

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