Remembering, on his birthday.



He is a young man
As he regards his newborn son
lying just beyond the glass,
He is struck by the realization
of the responsibility he now faces
As a father

No longer a newborn,
He is now a young man
Through his experience as a parent
he is gaining a new understanding
Of his father

No longer a young man,
he lies recovering
from yet more surgery
The young man is struck by the realization
of the responsibility he now faces
As a son

On the eve of Father’s Day,
He comes to realize that it takes
more than a holiday to make a father
Just as that father may be loved
on more than just that day

I wrote this for my father in 1993.  The video has the story behind the poem, as well as a reading.

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38 thoughts on “Father/Son

  1. A touching poem. I went back and watched the video again, and got a little teary-eyed–except my cat provided some comic relief because he was so startled by the bird calls! 🙂
    Just before I read this post, I ordered tickets for something later this week, and I noticed the date was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 99.

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  2. Read the title and immediately started singing the Cat Stevens tune of the same name to myself, and then out loud to My Beloved Sandra. Sadly, my father and I shared no intimacy…ever, as far as I can tell.

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  3. Blessed are all who so genuinely honor their fathers and mothers. Your poem warms twice – once in its writing and again in its recollection. A gift . . .

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