In the Stillness of the Night

In the Stillness of the Night

In the Stillness of the Night.jpgSilence, once a friend,
nay, once a lover
with arms embracing me
in warmth and fingers
stroking, gently
lulling, me to sleep,
has left my side, displaced
by incessant ringing,
a drone so maddening
as to be tiresome,
without the benefit
of a sleep that will not
bed with cacophony.

And so I make do
with white noise. True,
no lover, but a friend
to shield me, that sleep
might also be my friend.

I do miss silence.

This is in response to Sounds of Silence at dVerse, where the  challenge for Poetics from Dwight Roth is to write a poem about the human condition that alludes to silence.

35 thoughts on “In the Stillness of the Night

  1. A great poem, Ken. Ah we do wish for the sound of silence once more, but probably never in our lifetime. That ringing goes on twenty-four hours a day. Like a mixed drink, we add more noise to distract from the onslaught! I know this imposter very well!

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    • Thanks, Claudia. It may sound odd, but even focusing on an annoying sound like the HVAC (which really isn’t that loud – just another sound) works for a spell. It’s all about distraction.


      • I have found that time also heals – not physically, but inside the mind, which grows accustomed and finds ways to get around the new noise which gradually becomes just one of many noises. I did find listening to audio books helped me adjust. Since I had to focus on the story my brain could not hear the buzz (I am now addicted to audio books, though).

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  2. My hubby has Tinnitus more in one ear and the other – due to a visit to a resort bar that was too loud. He was trying to be sociable – I refuse to attend such places. Or leave them as soon as possible.
    Anytime the DJ is wearing headphones…that’s a sign the music at a dinner, wedding or dance is just too loud. Music should be background noise not loud enough to make folks have to shout to the person next to them to be heard. Haven’t gotten a white noise machine yet… might have to look into it though.
    – you are not alone.
    There are supposed to be some solutions. But they work differently for everyone. Good luck.

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