Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

silently from the shallow depths
of the offshore shoals

stolen from the holds
of a thousand sunken ships

to the broad base
of the tapered, towering torch

the magnificence of a midnight sun
in the fog of a final farewell

the hulk of a stranded ship
within the silence of the sea

yet another immortal member
of a fleet frozen in darkness

Standing Alone, Dwight’s poem at Roth Poetry, brought to mind this poem, written in 1998.
The background image is a print from an engraving by John Horsburg of J. M. W. Turner’s artwork of Bell Rock Lighthouse during a storm from the northeast, available at The Library of Congress and found at Wikimedia Commons.

11 thoughts on “Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

  1. Being in a storm at sea in a small ship must be terrifying. I’m fascinated by shipwrecks though.
    I like the way you placed your poem on the image. I like Turner. I didn’t know there were engravings of his work.

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