with dappled sunlight ~ haibun

with dappled sunlight.jpg

with dappled sunlight

A brief respite from our summer temperatures in the nineties means high eighties today, so I took a walk through Runge Nature Center this morning, while temperatures were still in the mid-seventies. At Runge, several miles of trails pass through forest and meadow. Most of my walk was through the forest, but I saw more activity at the boundary of light and shade.

with dappled sunlight
in the stillness of the heat
dragonfly dances

with dappled sunlight_2

This is my response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #42 Gaia Goddess of Earth, where the prompt is to explore the beauty, strength, complexity and simplicity of nature, as inspired by a walk through our neighborhoods and sharing a photo of the source of our inspiration. Runge Nature Center is a conservation area within Missouri’s State Capital, Jefferson City.


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