paulownia leaf – fusion troiku

The prompt for Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #40 Troiku Challenge “a distant mountain” starts with two haiku by Takahama Kyoshi to be used to create a “fusion” haiku, which is then to be the base to create a troiku.

a distant mountain
seen in the sunlight:
a desolate field

a leaf of a paulownia tree
has fallen
in the sunlight

               © Takahama Kyoshi

paulownia leaf
standing on distant mountain
reaching for the sun

paulownia leaf_1

paulownia leafpaulownia leaf
heart no bigger than my own
when thinking of you

standing on distant mountain
proclaiming my love to all
my heart filled with warmth

reaching for the sun
above us in the heavens
shining on our love

paulownia leaf_2

A troiku is three haiku, with each of the three lines from a suggested haiku as the first line of each haiku in the troiku. It’s not always possible to have a 5-7-5 format in the second haiku, due to the limitations of the suggested haiku. The name of the form is derived from “troika,” a sled or carriage drawn by three horses harnessed side-by-side, an iconic symbol of Imperial Russia.


Image sources:
Library of Congress
(Kiri branch with flowers and leaves, by Megata Morikaga) (troika)


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