peering into driving rain – renga

The challenge for Carpe Diem’s Renga Challenge #2 logged tree
is to create a renga (or chain of verses) by following each provided haiku
by Bashō (here in blue italics – tr. Jane Reichhold) with two lines (as in tanka).

rainy season
sea glow lights held up
by the night watchman

peering into driving rain
looking forward to clear skies

the blue sea
in waves smelling of saké
tonight’s full moon

clouds approach on horizon
expecting change in weather

early summer rain
the green of a rock cypress
lasting how long

living long before my time
still here after I am gone

on a bare branch
a crow settled down
autumn evening

rests before day’s warmth is gone
a time when all is in shade

still alive
under the slightness of my hat
enjoying the coolness

comfort found in evening breeze
welcome break from hard day’s work

logged tree
see the larger cut end is
a harvest moon

revealing light held within
shining on those that survive

peering into driving rain

Image source: (CC0 License)

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