never really gone

never really gone

The Dark of Decemberthere is absence

and there is not

your face mirrored in a grandchild

the memories of you gathered by my sons,
images they hold for truth, twenty-five years later,
their eyes seeing things I took for granted

my thoughts when I hold your tools,
when I use them

never really gone,
you are here

Father’s Day 2018

11 thoughts on “never really gone

    • Thank you, Lynne. My sons were 14 and (very nearly) 10 when my father died, and they had all sorts of fun visiting with my parents – so very fond memories. My eldest wrote a poem that I read along with the eulogy.

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      • That’s so wonderful he did that! And moving. I’m glad my kids also have a strong connection to their grandparents and my folks to them – it’s very centering, I think, in this ultra busy world they’re born into.

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