lines like ripples on a pond

The challenge for Carpe Diem’s Renga Challenge #1 a cherry tree blooming in old age
is to create a renga (or chain of verses) by following each provided haiku
by Bashō (here in blue italics) with two lines (as in tanka).

the old woman
a cherry tree blooming in old age
is something to remember

lines like ripples on a pond
receiving grace from raindrops

in summer rain
would you be happy with
the moon’s face

as clouds part, revealing light
reflected on pond’s surface

the voice of reeds
sounds like the autumn wind
from another mouth

speaking of nature’s beauty
in words worthy of respect

inside the temple
visitors cannot know
cherries are blooming

pale beauty whispers secrets
of new life soon to arrive

what a sprout
a dewdrop seeps down the nodes
of generations of bamboo

the whole strengthened by its parts
sign that new compliments old

separated by clouds
the wild goose lives apart for a while
from his friend

rejoined by a common goal
seeking the same heights together

lines like ripples on a pond.jpg

I’m also linking this to Open Link Night #222 at dVerse.

43 thoughts on “lines like ripples on a pond

  1. This was absolutely beautiful and I liked the format. It was like a ripple across the ocean and it seemed to be full circle too, I liked the contrasts and the new and old complimenting each other. We all have a place.XX

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