I could not cobble a better life.
All aspects,
better and worse,
make mine what it is.

Turning a stone does not hide the side
worn by metal wheels,
just as new directions
do not change
my past.

My road has brought me here.

Responding to Quadrille #58 – Cobble us a Poem, from De Jackson at dVerse.
A quadrille is a poem of 44 words (any format) using a prompt word, in this case “cobble.”

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21 thoughts on “Cobblestone

    • Thank you, Merril.
      I once had a backyard fireplace/grill, built during the 1950s, that was made from granite blocks that were 8x12x3. Each weighed about ten pounds and had one long narrow edge (9×3) that was well worn, while all of the remaining sides were almost like new. There also had been a flag pole that was circled by some of those stones. I learned that they were cobblestones that had once been pavers in an industrial/freight yard in the 1800s.
      I almost wish I still had one of those stones, but it probably would be too much of a reminder of a road I no longer follow.

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