Traveling Out of Buffalo

Traveling Out of Buffalo

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Driving south from Buffalo, along the lakeside, means crossing the Buffalo River. Grain silos dot the landscape, remnants of a time when the city was a major grain hub at the eastern end of the Great Lakes prior to the completion of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which provides access to Lake Ontario. Many of the silos have been re-purposed, but General Mills still continues to operate a grain mill and cereal production facility. Less than a half-mile away, the smell of roasting Cheerios sometimes wafts through downtown Buffalo.

Traveling Out of Buffalo_1

Wilkeson Pointe is located along the Lake Erie shoreline at the outer harbor. With the breeze coming off the lake, the wind sculptures offer a pleasing sight as they turn nearly non-stop.

Traveling Out of Buffalo_2

Traveling Out of Buffalo_3

Vineyards are prevalent along the hillsides on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, from Erie, Pennsylvania. north into New York State.

Traveling Out of Buffalo_4

Cleveland is a 90 minutes drive along the lake, southwest of Erie.
I stopped by the waterfront to take some photos before stopping for the night, bu those photos likely won’t appear here until after I arrive home in Missouri, tomorrow evening.

Ken G.

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