Traveling Around Buffalo

Traveling Around Buffalo

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Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours at Penn Dixie Fossil Park, located south of Buffalo, NY.   Formerly a quarry for the Penn Dixie Cement Company, the shale at the site is a treasure trove of fossils from 280 million years ago, during the Devonian period. It’s known for the trilobites that are found there. I was able to find a couple of partial trilobites, but most of the fossils I found are horn corals.

Traveling Around Buffalo_1

This morning, I went to the Buffalo Transportation / Pierce Arrow Museum, which has a variety of early motorcycles and automobiles, including, of course, Pierce Arrows, luxury cars that were built in Buffalo.

Traveling Around Buffalo_2

Traveling Around Buffalo_3

1919 Pierce Arrow Town Car

Traveling Around Buffalo_4

1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43 Roadster

Traveling Around Buffalo_5

1936 Pierce Arrow Model 1601
(1931 Pierce Arrow Series 43 Club Sedan, background)

The gem of the collection is a 1933 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow, of which only five were made.

Traveling Around Buffalo_6

Traveling Around Buffalo_7

Traveling Around Buffalo_8

There’s an amazing structure that was built within the museum using the original design for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Filling Station, which was planned to be built in downtown Buffalo in 1927, but was never realized.

Traveling Around Buffalo_11.jpg

Traveling Around Buffalo_10

Traveling Around Buffalo_9

The Pierce family motto, “dixit et fecit,” roughly translated as “he said and he did”

On the road to Cleveland tomorrow, then home.

Ken G.

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