Traveling – to My River

Traveling – to My River

Before moving to Missouri, I spent a lot of time on the Niagara River – diving, boating, kayaking, and just sitting on the shore – particularly along this one stretch of the river, which happens to be a good place to find driftwood. One of those, in the third photo, is going back to Missouri with me.

(Clicking on each photo will open a tab with a larger view.)

Traveling - to My River_1

The “cloud” at center horizon is the mist from Niagara Falls, nine miles distant.

Traveling - to My River_2

Traveling - to My River_3

Ken G.

15 thoughts on “Traveling – to My River

  1. Connection to place. It sounds to me that you are deeply connected to this stretch of the Niagra river — which causes me to reflect on my own connections to place, some of which are so deep as to be painful. I brush lightly against these connections fearful that my longing will rise to the surface and overwhelm me. Long hours spent by a river, years spent absorbing the “place” of a place establish deep connections within one’s mind, body and soul. That’s all.

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    • I know what you mean. I lived so close to the river, and did so much on and around it, but I think I took it for granted. During my last few years in the area, before moving away, it came to be a place of reflection.


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