Traveling at Night

Traveling at Night

(Clicking on each photo will open a tab with a larger view.)

Traveling at Night_1

Traveling at Night_2

The Peace Bridge between Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada & Buffalo, NY, USA ( r.)

Traveling at Night_3

For all the times I’ve photographed this bridge at night, I think these are the first with fog.

Traveling at Night_4

Below the Peace Bridge

Traveling at Night_5

Great Blue Heron below the Peace bridge

Traveling at Night_6

Canada Goose in the Black Rock Canal, Buffalo, NY

Ken G.

9 thoughts on “Traveling at Night

    • Thank you, Merrill. A stone wall topped by a walkway separates the Black Rock Canal from the river. I had seen herons in that spot right below the wall and next to a bridge abutment in the past, so it wasn’t unexpected. Photos came out, but the camera was set at the highest ISO, or “film speed.” The viewfinder image was black and I had to guess on focusing. They are grainy and blurred due to a half-second exposure. That bird wasn’t there for posing. It was there for fishing, and I saw it catch several. The silhouette shots were 1/30 of a second and easier to focus. I’m pleased with the results.

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