Traveling Farther

Traveling Farther

Traveling Farther_1

The Fort Niagara Lighthouse, Youngstown, NY

Traveling Farther_2

The ramparts of Fort Niagara

Traveling Farther_3

Just passing by
(Canada Geese)

Traveling Farther_4

Beach glass from the Lake Ontario shore

Traveling Farther_5

The rapids above the American Falls at Niagara Falls, NY

Traveling Farther_6

American Falls (foreground) and Horseshoe Falls (background)

Traveling Farther_7

The Horseshoe Falls, seen from the observation tower at Niagara Falls, NY

Ken G.

15 thoughts on “Traveling Farther

  1. We might have passed each other. I was just by the falls last weekend.
    Though we didn’t make it to the shore or the lighthouse.
    We did stay on the Canadian side and then stopped in at Goat Island before heading home. 🙂

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    • Goat Island has a viewpoint (at Terrapin Point) adjacent to the Horseshoe Falls and one that sits immediately between the American falls and Bridal Veil Falls, with great views from both spots.

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      • I believe we did stop there, at Terrapin Point. We had lunch in the restaurant with the waterfall view. While it was a tad foggy while we were there – it did clear up a bit and I think I did get some good photos. We only went part way around the Island. While on the Canadian side we went up in the Skylon Tower. That view is quite amazing too.

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