traveler pauses on beach ~ haibun

frosted glass in hand

Ninety minutes of sifting through worn pebbles at the edge of the shore of Lake Ontario on Friday yielded about a half-cup of beach glass in various colors, from clear and clear/blue, to green, brown and blue.  Before I moved from Western New York, in the course of three years of frequenting the shoreline at Fort Niagara gathering beach glass, I collected about a gallon of the pieces.  Typically, I find from two to six pieces of dark blue glass in a “beach glass session,” and during those three years I found just two or three tiny red pieces.

frosted glass in hand
traveler pauses on beach
waves stir rocky shore
beauty revealed by water
now concealed by a soft breeze

Ken G.

10 thoughts on “traveler pauses on beach ~ haibun

  1. Wonderful … I get a sense of reverie as beautiful as the glass bits.
    Your photo reminds me of the sun-colored bottles my aunt used to collect on the family farm, leftovers from way back when glass was such that sunshine colored it. I have just one of those bottles, likely once a clear medicine bottle, turned a soft lavendar obscure gloss. Intriguing to think: had it been tossed in the sea it might have become multiple fragments to honor multiple pockets.

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  2. While in Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Michigan I too found quite a bit of ‘beach glass’, clear, frosted white, greens, shade of blue and brownish reds.
    I was also lucky to find some china bits from the sunken ships.
    I found a clay fossil too.
    I haven’t found anything in particular in my own creek though –
    once though after a storm a round egg floated by. I have since discovered that owls lay round eggs. Most other birds eggs have some kind of oval shape.

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