stones worn and faded

stones worn and faded.jpg

stones worn and faded
time’s toll on memorials
sacrifice honored
flags mark military graves
tradition at ancient fort

My tanka response to Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #35: Memorial Day

Image: the cemetery at Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY,
where the earliest burial appears to be from 1813

11 thoughts on “stones worn and faded

      • I was just being teased by my hubby – I like to ‘as it were’ leave no stone un-turned. And the internet makes it easy to search.

        Hope you continue to enjoy your Niagara visit. More rain is in our local forecast for most of the week. I’m not sure though which way the storm is tracking. Stay dry 🙂

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        • Be extra safe then. We had to drive in rain most of the day another time that we traveled through to (I think that time it was) Massachusetts.

          I know that it wasn’t until recently that they started naming storms like hurricanes. So we must have had quite a few to return to the letter A again by the end of May. It has been a very wet spring.

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