waking from nightmare

waking from nightmare

waking from nightmare
as if crossing the mountain
to avoid the stairs

I refuse to take allergy medications during the two weeks or so of oak pollen, instead taking an antihistamine only when absolutely necessary and likely annoying my wife with my complaints. (I made it nearly to bedtime yesterday without, due to a morning rain lowering the pollen count.)
I just woke from a brief nap induced by that antihistamine with a ten-minute headache of disorientation and this senryū in my head. (And, actually, it was a pleasant dream.)

Image source: pixabay.com

11 thoughts on “waking from nightmare

    • Our dog is so old she doesn’t think about wandering. I usually stand outside with her to remind her why she’s out there, but this week I’ve been watching through the storm door. It seems to be in the immediate area of our house, with the white oaks, that I have a problem, so if I go to the garage – to the car – to the store, I’m okay.


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