More Mid-MO Hiking Sights

More Mid-MO Hiking Sights

The first two of these wildflowers grow in one of my beds at home,
but I enjoy finding them when I’m out hiking.
(Click each one for a larger image in a new tab)

More Mid-MO Hike_4

Blue Phlox

I see a good number of cedars along the trails in the local conservation area, and I probably have as many pictures of those as I do any other tree there.  Often, they’re in thick forest with low lighting, and they can appear haunting at times.  They seem to say something different to me every time I see them.  (This one seems to be saying, ” You know this is the way out.  Why are you still here?”)

More Mid-MO Hike_1

Other photos from that day can be seen here.

Ken G.

8 thoughts on “More Mid-MO Hiking Sights

    • The conservation area is in the state capital, so there are demonstration areas and the trails are well maintained. Unfortunately, that sometimes means cedars have the branches on the trail-side get lopped, making them a sorry sight. I do like the character it lends. Unless they are thinning the forest, they do let cedars grow as they will, so off the trail some have nearly dead branches lining the first ten feet of the trunk as seen on the side of that one.

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