Measure of Grace

Earlier this year, I submitted the following poem for the Broadsided Press Switcheroo 2018.

Measure of Grace

If there is a measure
of your grace, it is in
the reading of the layers,

accelerated tempo bringing
your cry to the forefront,
no excuses accepted,

none made. All sides
of this story will play
the same. Mothers, daughters,

standing beside sisters
refusing the slow march
of time, refuting submission.

The motto of Broadsided Press is “putting literature and art on the streets.” Writing is chosen from open submissions and art is created by a pool of artists invited to respond to the writing. The tables are turned once a year for the Broadsided Press Switcheroo, when writers are invited to respond to a specific piece of art. This year, the art was “Measure of Grace,” a mixed media piece by David Bernardy, and the chosen writer was Mara Jebsen, for her praise-poem, “Ode to Origins.”
(Broadsided Press offers all of their broadsides as free PDF downloads.)

Ode to Origins.jpg

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