fluid inversion

fluid inversion

haunting melody
in alien atmospheres
fluid inversion

landscapes or moonscapes?
delusion by infusion
fluid deception

mystical displays
chromatic presentations
fluid immersion

This haiku triplet is in response to Haiku Review Challenge – Waterballet by The Secret Keeper. The short film offered for review is Waterballet – Barbapapa by Kamiel Rongen, found on Vimeo.  A brief explanation of the process used to create the video can be found here.

3 thoughts on “fluid inversion

  1. I am resting and relaxing and lazing to the rocking feeling of a triplet, your lines rocking gently like a small boat on the water, while I am watching the moon sink deeper and deeper into reflection until I… I fall in.
    Oh wait, that was another ancient Chinese poet. 🙂


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