It’s in the Bag

It's in the Bag.jpg

It’s in the Bag

Plastic shards will congregate
Coat the world till it’s too late
Choke the sea, and with it life
Desolation will be rife

If we don’t reverse this trend
Our planet will meet its end
Wasting the intrinsic worth
And splendor of our fair Earth

The prompt for Shall We Gather? from Lillian at dVerse is to write a quadrille that includes the word “gather” or a form of the word.

A quadrille is a 44-word poem, with no other restrictions (except the prompt word).
Unfortunately, as noted by Lillian in the comments below, “congregate” is not a form of the word “gather.”

Image source:
National/Global Poetry Writing Month ~ Day 24

NaPoWriMo 2018

24 thoughts on “It’s in the Bag

  1. Love the poem’s timeliness. However, congregate is not a form of the word “gather.” It’s a synonym. The Quadrille must contain a form of the prompt word (or the word itself) as in gathering, gathers, gathered. That has always been the rule of the form. Hence this, as good as it is, does not fit the prompt. A simple fix is to change the word “congregate” to “gather” and it will be to the prompt. If you look at all the other 40+ poems, each, though very different, complies with the two rules of a Quadrille: 44 words sans title, and the word prompt. I’ll check back later to insure there’s a change.

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    • I apologize, Lillian. I guess I misunderstood that aspect of the prompt. Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not interested. While the poem may not have strict meter, “gather” would throw it off completely. If you can remove the Linky, then do so.

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      • Will do, Ken. And I do understand. This happened to me early on at dVerse. I changed the content and had to adjust the word. Only to find out the I was over the word limit. I just had it deleted as well. I have come to really like the Quadrille form .. and dVerse is a really friendly bunch with prompts on Mondays (Quadrille or haibun), Tuesday Poetics (varied types of prompts), and Thursdays (open link – any poem of your choosing) or Meet the Bar (a particular form is explored). So do hope you’ll come back often. We’re a global bunch — and it’s always an interesting place!

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