Where You From?

Where You From?

It's Just a Ponytail
Sometimes keep my hair
in a ponytail. Sometimes let it fly.

Remember those first few years,
when I was new to the area, the mid-West.

Got a lot of second glances.
Or just plain stares.

“He ain’t from around here.”

Been here six years, now.
Gettin’ to feel like home.

Hardly a second glance
in the past year.

I must be from around here.


I’ve been told that, in this small town – where “everybody knows everybody” is held to heart – one of the first questions for new co-workers is “Where did you go to school?” Being retired, I haven’t encountered that, but for a couple of years I received many “funny looks.” Not so much, these days. I’ll even see another ponytail, now and then. I touched on this last year.

The optional prompt for Day 23 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month is to write a poem based on sound, overheard language, or a regional phrase.

NaPoWriMo 2018

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