Poet’s Voice


Poet's Voice.jpg

Poet’s Voice

Soft, and not.

Time and motion
laced with emotion,

chaos (chosen, avoided),

Seconds of silence,

Meditative exuberance
resolving conflict.

Unable to look away.
Imagining self, reflected.

I attended the 3rd Annual Unbound Book Festival at Stephen’s College in Columbia, Missouri, today. At various venues around campus, there were writing panels, author conversations and readings by both novelists and poets. I attended readings by the following poets: Tess Taylor, Gabriel Fried, Scott Cairns, Heather Derr-Smith, Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Adrain Matejka. The three latter poets also participated in a panel session of Punch-Drunk Poets, in which they read poetry about boxing or using boxing as a metaphor, followed by a discussion equating boxing training with the discipline of writing poetry.

The optional prompt for Day 21 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month is to try writing a poem that plays with the myth of Narcissus in some way.

NaPoWriMo 2018


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