Love Is Not a Game – recording

I’ve made a recording of my poem “Love Is Not a Game,” but I’ll admit I was motivated by a desire to manipulate the graphic I used when originally posting it. I found that image at pixabay, where it is labeled CC0 Creative Commons (unlimited free use).

Love Is Not a Game

Tell me this.
Don’t do that
Acting like a bureaucrat,
you cite each rule.
All this time I’ve been
a fool to play along,
as if you’d change
direction, rearrange
priorities. Put us first,
not you. But the view
from here is still
the same. It pains me
to say this, but I have nothing
left to prove. It’s my turn now,
for my last move
I quit your game.


10 thoughts on “Love Is Not a Game – recording

  1. First I read it alone. Rather disturbing — a good thing for a poem. Then I played the video. I had forgotten how touchingly poetic is the mere sound of your voice. The image is very evocative of (duh) chess and rules, but having it move, and the 3-D angles, adds to the complexity and complication. A thouughtful morning experience. Thanks. 🙂

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  2. Very sharp on all counts. The visual caught my eye a while back on Pixabay, and adding movement makes it even more effective. Chess. Solid use of internal rhyming, too. No bads here anywhere. My hat’s off.

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