traces of tides #writephoto

traces of tides.jpgtraces of tides

and not
a lunar dream
traces left in spaces
between grains of sand
mindless of daylight
dusk or dawn
born of

Inspired by “on tides” by Kerfe Roig, at method two madness – her response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Footprints #writephoto.

Image by Sue Vincent

National/Global Poetry Writing Month ~ Day 18

NaPoWriMo 2018

20 thoughts on “traces of tides #writephoto

    • Thank you, Jazz. What we find (or even put) in those spaces can make all the difference.

      If I hadn’t been going for form I would have had different line breaks:

      and not. A lunar dream.
      Traces left in spaces between
      grains of sand, mindless
      of daylight, dusk, and dawn.
      Born of night.

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