The Dead play
as wheels turn,
rubber rolls,
carrying us north,
east of where we were, south
of where we want to be
and I glance at our speed,
prompted by the sight
of a cop on a bridge,
radar gun in hand,
who glances up at a jet
contrail of conspiratorial origin
left by a pilot radioing
the location of an object
of unidentified nature
flying by on its return
tariff-bypassing flight
from a secret Chinese moon
base producing aerospace
tech products, where terraforming
efforts advance at an accelerated rate,
rubber trees nearly ready to roll out
the next set of tires for future trips
to Buffalo and home again.

Freewheeling it here, in my response to the optional prompt for Day 10 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month – write a poem of simultaneity/multiple things happening at once.

Image source: © Jack Knight Illustrations

NaPoWriMo 2018

20 thoughts on “Truckin’

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