showers in the night

showers in the night.jpg

showers in the night
lone cloud courting night crescent
each drop holds a moon

The challenge in Carpe Diem Crossroads #2 the summer moon is to write
a new haiku inspired by the words in two classic haiku (“fusing” them).

a thousand gallons
shower from the eaves…
cherry blossoms
                    Kobayashi Issa

it touches the line
of my fishing pole –
this summer moon
                    Fukuda Chiyo-Ni

I have taken it one step further by revising each of the original haiku,
an exercise that Kristjaan sometimes offers at Carpe Diem.

April showers
drumming on cottage roof
blossoms open


silent water
my pole bent by hungry fish
ripples in the moon

Image: composite of two sources at, here (Issa) and here (Chiyo-Ni)

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