11 thoughts on “swirling black and white

    • These days, Megan is easily spooked by the wind. I was watching her black and white fur blowing in the wind, much like the branches in the trees. I knew it was unlikely to snow (here, at least) with that kind of wind (30+ mph gusts), but I was imagining snow battling it out with the branches. To my surprise, as I was uploading this the wind disappeared and snow started falling. It used to be that she would rather be out in the snow – chasing it, in fact. Now, she’d rather be warm inside.

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  1. When she was young, she loved chasing leaves in the wind and no cold was too cold for her wild coat. Now, it seems that she is afraid the wind will throw her off balance, knock her over, and hold her down. You’ve captured her so well in this one. ❤

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    • Megan will stand by the door looking through the full-length glass, hour after hour, but all she wants these days is to make that one lap around the yard patrolling the perimeter, before she’s back at the door waiting to get in. She does not like the wind, but she needs to do her job as a border collie – patrolling and herding. (She’s 15 years old.)

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