nodding off, and on

nodding off, and on

nodding off, and onclouds
then no clouds
then all of us do sunglasses

sometimes I make out
words in the ringing
buzz that lives in my ear

bits of conversation
on another plane
plain as day

random, then gone
no further word
of cloud or sunlight

sometimes, it’s atmospherics
the wind marching
across these hills

at others, it’s a distraction
reminding me
to focus on the task at hand

most times, I’m just tired
closed eyes have no need
for sunglasses

Yes, this happens. Just now, in fact. As I looked out the window, watching 30 mph winds twist 50 foot cedars in my neighbor’s yard, those first words drifted through my head, fading into my ever-present companion, tinnitus.

17 thoughts on “nodding off, and on

  1. Nodding off and on while watching the clouds sounds pleasant, but I imagine that the tinnitus is not so much. I have a somewhat similar experience when there is white noise in that I often think I hear conversations. Sometimes it’s creepy. I’ve never understood the allure of those white noise machines to help one sleep–I would be totally distracted!

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