Burn Treatment


Burn Treatment.jpg

Burn Treatment

My emotions seared
by the precision
of your callous delivery,

the scars fade
already, despite
your intent. No lesson

lost here, instead
a reminder that
my path,

my decisions,
are my own.
Thanks may be

the last thing
you expect,
but they are yours.

This poem is my response to a prompt from dVerse (Burning Inspiration – dVerse Quadrille #51), with the prompt word (or variation), burnIt was intended as a quadrille (poem of 44 words, any format), but the prompt word must be in the body of the poem.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons (Aloe Vera)

33 thoughts on “Burn Treatment

    • Thank you. No , but I do have some from a botanical garden. Wiki just happened to be easier, today.
      For the poem, I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone emphatic about moving forward from a toxic situation.

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