the right to bear arms – tanka

the right to bear arms
ready access to weapons
faulty reasoning

death on a daily basis
the absence of sanity

This tanka is my response to the prompt from Frank Hubeny, MTB – Brevity, at dVerse.

I don’t want to start a debate about the Second Amendment, but that doesn’t really matter. The debate already rages, while rage delivers death in this country every day. My opinion will not change, and neither will that of those against gun control. Their arguments become louder as the death count climbs. Defense and self-preservation become meaningless when they result in arming those who pose a threat to our safety, to our society. Yes, enforcement, and better communication within law enforcement, can make a difference, as can mental health reform, but the fact remains that there is no guarantee that guns in the hands of any individual will not be used to harm or kill another.

Comments will remain open, but I will not engage in a debate. Anyone desiring one is free to do so on their own blog.

24 thoughts on “the right to bear arms – tanka

  1. I’m in Australia where we have tight gun control laws that came into place after a terrible mass shooting in the 1990s. I am so thankful that good came from a terrible event. I hope America finds the way towards sanity.

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  2. This is truly the day of the absence of sanity. These little screens allow us to sit back and watch a world gone mad. The suffering they feel is incredulous, while we can sit and watch it in a sanitized environment, like a parade of death

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  3. A complicated issue with a foundation of a lack of a military until the Revolution. Here in Atlanta, every damn fool has a gun and has no problem displaying it for gain and profit. Even old grandmothers pull a small pistol out of their breasts. Have seen it. I don’t think that this kind of gun rights serves the republic. especially as so many of these fools haven’t any interest in the constitution. The ‘know nothings’. So the dangerous course of the public leads sane people to arm themselves and it is always touch and go. I yearn for a life where we don’t have guns except for hunting and only after a certain again….like retirement. I used to hunt, but mostly I missed everything I aimed at. And that we a good thing in general. I don’t hunt anymore.

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    • Thank you. yes. Hunting is one thing, assault rifles something entirely different. And I never could understand people arming themselves just to show how bad-ass they are. That simply leads to the wrong people having guns.

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  4. tears flow when reading your words, i live in a country where guns aren’t easily accessible and cannot imagine living where it is. losing a child is the greatest grief, i read its as acute as being a holocaust survivor. am praying for change.

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  5. Those I know (and love, some of them) that want their guns will not change their minds on this issue. We know we are at a stand-off and can’t discuss it. Although they have never given me a good answer as to why a civilian needs a military weapon whose only use is to kill lots of people. Go play some video games! Or enlist! (funny, none of them are veterans…the veterans I know do not own assault rifles)
    I’m not changing my mind either. Of course I don’t understand wanting to kill anything for recreation or pleasure…

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