LepidopterousCorralling my thoughts is
a delicate balancing act.
Because some seem lighter
than others, does that give them
less weight? Random as they seem,
there is a pattern to them.
Willing to take flight
at any moment, no small scale
will contain them. This is no flight
of fancy. My sanity relies on
setting them free, and only I
hold the key.

The dVerse prompt provided by Lillian, Inspired by Art, is to write around one of four images by Catrin Welz-Stein. This one is titled, “Free Your Mind,” and is used with her permission. Her gallery can be found here.
Butterfly adults are characterized by their four scale-covered wings

23 thoughts on “Lepidopterous

  1. LOVE the title and the ideas here! Ah…and the question about the weight and therefore levity of the thoughts…so good. Sometimes I think the craziest of ideas can turn out to be the sanest! 🙂 Glad you posted to the prompt!

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