dark anniversary

dark anniversary.jpg

dark anniversary
still gone
powerless to end long night

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #19 Out of the Box #2 Tau-ku
Tau-ku is a derivative of haiku, but with a line structure based on the mathematical number “tau” or 6.28, with three lines having a syllable count of 6-2-8. Since my response relates to emotion rather than nature (being more like senryu than haiku), maybe it should be called tau-ryu.

For the math geek: Pi (π) (3.14…) is the constant used to determine the circumference of a circle, C=2π x r, where r equals radius. There is a movement to replace pi (π) with tau (τ) as a constant (essentially 2 x pi, or 6.28, C=τ x r), since, as stated in Scientific American, “At its heart, pi refers to a semicircle, whereas tau refers to the circle in its entirety.”

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