Here’s an odd occurrence on WordPress: My “Likes” aren’t sticking.

Normally, I prefer and use Firefox as my browser. Since yesterday, I’ve revisited posts I know I’ve Liked, only to see they are not. A good example is the “If Challenge” to which I responded, as well as linked comments I’ve visited. Re-Liking the posts and then reloading showed no Like. Oddly, Liking a post from the brief teaser in my Reader seems to stay when I reload the Reader, but I prefer the appearance of a blogger’s page over the generic feel of the Reader.

So, I’ve used Chrome to revisit some of those posts, clicking Like and reloading them. It seems to be working, so I’m using Chrome for now. I’ll retry Firefox in a few days.

Besides the satisfaction of posting my poetry on WordPress, the greatest appeal of WordPress for me is the community interaction, and the Like button is part of that.

Ken G.

27 thoughts on “Oddity

  1. I haven’t noticed if my “Likes” are sticking or not, but I have noticed a few times recently that it takes a few extra seconds for the Like button to load on some blogs. My Save button stopped working for when I’m writing posts, but I discovered it still works on the older method of writing posts, so I went back to that. I use Chrome. I just “Liked ” this post. 🙂

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  2. I’m a Firefox user, and find some of the problems are resoved by using a different browser. Not all of them though. I know folk are having their posts not show up once published, views, likes and stats are all over the place and odd weirdnesses keep showing up. I may go and cower in a dark corner…the Happiness Engineers must be up to something again… 😦

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  3. As Frank mentioned, my ‘likes’ were not sticking yesterday and then suddenly they were. I use Firefox too. My comments were ending up in spam folders and only bloggers who had previously unspammed me could receive comments in the normal way. I asked a few bloggers who visited my blog yesterday to check their spam folders and one of them found several bonafide comments in there, not just mine. There seemed to be some gremlins at work which were not just down to Firefox, but I will try some different browsers too. Like you say, the interaction and community is what makes blogging special and the technology sometimes gets it wrong. Thank you for sharing this Ken and hopefully the latest glitches will be ironed out again soon ☺🍀

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  4. So far I haven’t had any problems but am hearing from many others who have. Might have to do with WP’s latest update? (I mostly use my WP app for Android, except when posting something.)
    Whatever the problem, hope it clears up soon. Not fun when we can’t Like and interact!

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    • I will use my Android WP app to read when I’m away from my laptop, but I find that when I click a link (as in a re-blog or a response to a challenge) the app won’t let me Like the post when I get to it. Other than that, I find the app pretty handy.

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      • Yes, I’ve always had that same problem! Sometimes you can find a roundabout way to get to the post and “like” it from there but most times it’s easier just to wait until you’re on your PC. I agree, other than that it’s a great little app. (Though mine freezes up sometimes when trying to open notifications.)

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  5. Funny, I’ve had the same problem. I put it down to Outlook. I used to be able to read a post and like it in Outlook, but I know now (having checked) that likes don’t stick unless I open the blog post. Outlook is evil, I know that and it’s getting worse. It’s very difficult to even write an email in it without the whole thing disappearing.

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  6. All of the above (at different times with different browsers). The worst is when I can’t get into my feeds at all. Technology! indeed. Plus I hate it when blogs I follow just disappear from my feed, which also happens from time to time…(K)

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