Fade from Black

Fade from Black

Fade from Black

What then, when ink turns to grey
and the words that rest on the page,
once alive, begin to fade
and take with them thoughts
and emotions that kept us anchored here?

Will poetry continue to live in our minds?

This is my response to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #126, with the words rest, grey, ink, alive & here.

Secret Keeper Prompt

19 thoughts on “Fade from Black

  1. It’s not just the words you used perfectly but you caught a contagious thought many feel – the loss of beauty & art – a world rejecting those who are alive v those who have rejected truth & meaning. Your poem tapped my soul. Should I call it perfect timing.

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        • I recognize my older poems, but for many of them I couldn’t tell you about them until I see them. I have a terrible memory, even for the times when I wasn’t very prolific. I’d like to think those would stay with me, but it’s just not so. There is only one of my poems I absolutely can recite from memory, and that’s a bedtime poem I wrote for my daughter 16 years ago. That was when she was nine and had been diagnosed with diabetes. I tell myself she already was too old for a fanciful nursery rhyme about sweets and confections, but I think I needed to write it for myself as much as for her, so I’m sure that’s why it’s one poem I’ll never forget.


        • Mmm! Probably a mantra at the time due to the situation. You’ll never forget that. I’ve gone back and read poems that I wrote. I’m hit with damn, I wrote that! That was good, lol. Other times it is, what was that!

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